Joe's Italian Ice - Garden Grove

My favorite food is ice cream. Thats right, my #1 favorite food. Second is potatoes.

My boyfriend and I were looking around for a dessert/ice cream place to eat at in Orange County one night and I came across Joe's Italian Ice on yelp.com. I was immediately captivated by the idea of soft serve ice cream layered with Italian ice. The idea of being able to mix different Italian ice flavors and have it topped off with a rich, creamy vanilla ice cream was almost too much for me to handle! I absolutely love creamsicle-like/flavored type things and this sounded like the ultimate customizable creamsicle.

We arrived at the red, green and white stand late that night. The girls at the counter were so sweet- they immediately offered us multiple samples. They had flavors ranging from smurf poison [a sour, bright blue flavor] to strawberry. I got a Joe Latti which was the soft serve vanilla layered with Italian ice of my choice. I chose Peach and Strawberry. My boyfriend got a small cup of Smurf Poison. I really enjoyed mine- the creamy blend of vanilla soft serve and the ice sweet flavors of peach and strawberry worked really well together. It was like a peach strawberry creamsicle but better! My boyfriend was less than satisfied . He claimed that his small Smurf poison flavored Italian ice was exactly the same thing as a slurpee he once had- for three times the price. The portions are not huge but with something like the Joe Latti, they are enough to satisfy. The price is okay- In between cheap and expensive for something such as fruit flavored ice. Overall, it was a place I would probably come back to if I happened to be in the area but not go out of my way to [hound my boyfriend until he agrees to] drive on purpose.

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