There's this movie called 'The Ramen Girl' which is a really bad movie that you shouldn't see. The ending makes no sense and it leaves all kinds of things hanging...but it does have some absolutely delicious shots of a fully equipped kitchen, giant stock pots of ramen broth and of course, ramen. It also teaches you some cool stuff about ramen and can probably inspire any chef or baker to attempt to make the elusive, steamy, delicious broth from scratch. After seeing this movie, I completely caved and wanted to try to make the broth for myself. Believe it or not, it's really hard to find a recipe for ramen broth....like real ramen broth. Not that instant stuff that us [former] college kids used to live off of.

I used a recipe I found online which suggests using a pressure cooker. I didn't have one so I went the boiling-for-hours route and it turned the signature creamy white color, but the flavor was lacking 98.72%. Lame. Maybe next time. Anyone out there have a good fool proof recipe?