Cake Pop[sicles]

Cake pops/cake balls/cake truffles/whatever you want to call cake crumbs and frosting mashed together are an ingenius fad! Because bakeries can charge money for cute balls of cake scraps and leftover frosting- really, smarter than the cupcake thing, the frozen yogurt thing, the food truck thing, and the next food fad thing.

After trimming and frosting the mermaid/underwater cake in the previous post below, I had loads of leftover pink cake, chocolate cake, cream filling and buttercream. The solution? Cake popsicles! Because that frozen mush of cake crumbs and frosting really does taste amazing frozen and is funner to eat on a popsicle stick ;)

These were made the exact same way as cake pops/cake truffles- by turning the cake scraps into crumbs (I used a food processor) and adding frosting a bit at a time until it became solid enough to mold. I shaped the cake into popsicle shapes, stuck a large popsicle stick through them and let them chill out in the freezer on a wax paper lined cookie sheet. After a couple hours they were solid enough to dip into chocolate, sprinkles, nuts, and anything else that you can think of.

Store these in the freezer and try them cold- after all, they are popsicles :)


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    1. I had no idea I was getting comments on this blog! But this is the best comment ever! Thanks!

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  3. yum.. i am so craving one of these right about now. they look delicious. awesome idea!

    1. Thanks Thalia! and thanks for dropping by!