Lactose Free Cheesecake Bars

I have a friend who loves cheesecake but unfortunately is lactose intolerant. It was her birthday the other day and i knew i wanted to make her a cheesecake so i did some research on vegan cheesecake recipes to see what i could find. I came across a ''cream cheese'' called Toffuti - dairy free and perfect for my friend. I found the cream cheese at Trader Joe's. Since my friend is lactose intolerant, not vegan, i made a normal cheesecake recipe, replacing the cream cheese with Toffuti cream cheese and the whipping cream with soy milk. The texture looked a little weird- more jiggly and jello-y than normal cheesecake. And i forgot the water bath since i tend to not use it for cheesecake bars but it set perfectly with no cracks whatsoever. I was a bit worried until i cut them into squares and tried one. It tasted exactly like cheesecake! The texture is SLIGHTLY slightly different, and there is a SLIGHT aftertaste [maybe due to the flavor i chose though, chai latte] but even my tofu-hating boyfriend said it tasted just like cheesecake so i would say it was a success! So if you know anyone who is a lactose intolerant cheescake lover...there's hope! The recipe can be found below an an earlier post, The Daring Baker's Cheesecake.

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