Cheesecake Custard Filled Cupcakes

I always swore that I would never use box cake no matter what, but then I got busy... and decided that sometimes it's okay. So, for my dance school's holiday potluck I decided to bring these- mainly because I thought the flowers (sort of?) resembled Hibiscuses and it's a Polynesian dance school so i thought it made sense. A room mate of mine once mentioned that she liked cheesecake custard filling and I had never heard of it. I'm big on Allrecipes.com and I have never seen a recipe for "Cheesecake Custard" anything, so this is what I came up with... simple, but I did get positive feedback

I used a box of chocolate cake mix and a box of yellow cake mix to make two batches of cupcakes. After cooling, I used the cone method to fill them. I doubled the filling and used the standard Wilton Buttercream recipe to ice
them, but any stiff buttercream will do. The flowers were made ahead of time with royal icing.

Cheesecake Custard Filling
1 8oz. pack of cream cheese
1 small box of instant vanilla pudding
1/2 the amount of milk specified on the pudding box

1. Let the cream cheese come to room temperature. Beat with an electric mixer until smooth.
2. In a separate bowl, mix the instant vanilla pudding with the milk. Then, add this mixture to the cream cheese.
3. Beat until smooth and then transfer to fridge until ready to use.

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